Think of a Brand as a promise, a promise your organization can keep.

Brand as a Human
The Brand is the Essence that defines and supports the Identity, the skeleton, the muscles, the organs, it creates action and movements, is the spirit, the soul of the organization.

A brand can be applied to an Organization, Service, Product, City, Person and almost everything.

Brand as a Promise
Think of a Brand as a promise, a promise your organization can keep, a promise you make to your clients, prospects, vendors and even your employees. This promise is promoted internally and externally, you keep it in any business relationship activity, every corporate decision, every action and interaction with customers, prospects, employees and vendors. The promise builds encourage, pride, efforts, it drives budgets, stops arguments, vanish confusion, it guides and drives business activities in any corporate system to achieve any goals.
If everyone in the organization internally and externally knows what the promise is, politics and personal business issues start to disappear. One thing that is very important about that promise, be sure you NEVER forget that you have to back it up.
You cannot build your brand out of wishes and unsupported thinking. Don’t pretend something you wish to be that you are not, even if you are about to achieve that goal, things happen. This doesn’t mean you have to limit your dreams, it only keeps your goals realistic. You cannot use quality, integrity or price when trying to POSITION your BRAND in the MARKETPLACE. Many organizations that claim to offer these particular characteristics will not stand out from the others.

Example: BMW “ the ultimate driving machine.”
This brand sells the driving experience. Although some people think is the best car, BMW knows that there are other good quality cars. If the brand was built on quality, integrity or price, the brand will be diluted, loose brand value and therefore, less profitable.The brand is built in the name BMW and what the name offers, not on how good the product is, the adjective ”good” is part of the brand.

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