The Art of designing a space for entertainment purposes.

If you are an event producer, event planner or an event agency looking for top quality design skills to showcase the feel and mood of your event productions then you are in the right place. If you can imagine it, we can bring it to life.


We can work out of your event theme or we can design one that will add to the personality of your event. Themes are branded by designing custom displays and graphics.

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Venue Blue Prints

Provide with CAD files for us to work from, dirty files? no problem, we will clean dirty files, edit images and convert your files to and from a multitude of formats including PDF, JPG, TIFF, BMP, CAL, DXF, SVG and more.

No CAD files or blue prints? we can provide with basic blue print creation services for event requirements.

Venue 3D Modeling

Digitally build true scale venue 3D modeling of any venue, indoor or outdoor landscapes.

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Furniture and Equipment 3D Modeling

Custom furniture design services available, feel confident that all 3D designs are 100% constructible from sectional sofas to custom walls and displays. We also carry all event equipment such as flat panels monitors, spot lights, rack speakers, stages, tables, Etc.

Floor Layout Design

Working with true scale 3D models saves time and also gives us precise measurements and dimensions of the event areas, it also provides precision on placing signage, furniture, equipment, lighting, tables, chairs. Layouts will also make it easy for your AV producer.

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Event Renderings

Presentation means everything, we render event designs using only the latest software and rendering effects modules, we provide multi level realistic effects that deeply represents the mood of the space.

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