Why Schools Need to Embrace Video

Video is playing an increasingly strategic role in reaching students & parents.

Why Schools Need to Embrace Video

For schools, marketing is an integral part of communicating with families and community members. Effective marketing can encourage new families to choose one school instead of another in the area – if they don’t like yours, they can investigate others in the district or neighboring districts with open-enrollment options. For private schools, marketing is even more important because families have a higher degree of choice. Many schools are scrambling to find creative new ways to attract and keep students and the funding to educate them. Marketing has become a necessity to attract the students and parents who will pay the fees that keep the school running.

Top Six Reasons Why Schools Should Use Video

Online Video is Popular

Online Video has become a natural part of the day to day web browsing experience. In fact, 39 billion videos are viewed per month in the U.S. – that’s 211 videos viewed and 16 hours of time spent per person per monthiv. Today’s internet users want their information presented in an engaging, concise way. Online video content is one of the easiest ways schools can do this.

Online Video can be Creative

As schools get more and more creative with their marketing, some are even going the route of replacing paperback yearbooks with video yearbooks. This is among the many creative applications that video can offer schools.

Online Video is Persuasive

If you are wondering why you need video on your website, the reason is simple: Video Sells. According to Practical Ecommerce, websites utilizing video reported a 30% average increase in conversion rates. Particularly for student recruitment, this is important and school marketing teams are starting to take heed.

Video can be used Online & Offline

While the main distribution place for video is the web (ie. school websites, YouTube, etc…), video content of course has many uses in its physical form too – anywhere from presentations, DVDs and USB sticks. With so many applications and places to engage viewers, using video content in some form is an obvious choice.


Online Video increases Discovery

Online video is playing an increasingly larger role in Google search results. In fact, according to Forrester video increases the chance of a front-page Google result by 53x. Schools should be thinking about creating a YouTube channel, in order to host their video content. Families searching for what you are offering are much more likely to discover you if you have video (and written) content that reflects what they are seeking.


Online Video is Affordable

If you think online video is out of your reach, think again. While once video production was very expensive, it’s now much more accessible. Work with an affordable video production company that is able to meet the schools marketing goals and budget..