Small Business Start-Ups 

Branding Launch Program.

The 4 key services

Emerged from Branding, Identity, Marketing, and Advertising services.

The Aviator 4 branding launch program is specifically designed for small business startups or existing small businesses that are ready to transform their existing look into a unique Branding System.

This branding program was created by adding some main key services aspects from Branding, Identity, Marketing, and Advertising creative services. By formulating a tailored creative solution specifically to fit your business vision, plan, and budget, your business is able to reach larger audiences in more market places with-in your industry effectively.

Brand Position

Targeted Market Places

We want to help you get more done with less effort. The Aviator 4 program is powerful and comprehensive but never complicated. No matter what stage you’re at in your business venture, we have the talent and the tools to help.

We’ll help you customize a Branding System platform that works best for you and your company. We can help you position your brand in competitive market places, and help you redefine the relationships with your customers so you can focus on making your services or products even better, every day.


The Essence & Character

Create a brand with a leadership attitude, excellent services & product values, a brand that can create relationships able to make your company expand your product or services line and grow.

As partners, we will be able to explore where your company currently stands and will help you define your vision of where you want to go, with your feedback we will be able to visually interpret the essence, attitude and look of your company product and services.

  • The inherited truth of your Company, Products or Services
  • Essence and Character
  • Brand Behaviors and Attitudes
  • Trends and Culture
  • Audience Relationships

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The brand expression in all senses

The way your concept presents itself to the world and communicates your intentions leaving impressions they can’t forget. This service is based on providing all visual representations of your brand, including all collateral as needing it.

When subscribing to the Aviator 4 Program we are able to give you reasonable pricing in all our single services due to the fact that we are creating your project on a whole basis, meaning we are creating everything you need to function as a business including Logos, Brand Guidelines, Backgrounds, Animations, Websites, Video, to mention a few,.

To take it even further we provide you with all the collateral assets needed such as Custom Store Front Build Ups, Event Built Up and Displays, All Collateral Stationery products such as Business Cards, Booklets, Catalogs, Packaging Labels, Etc.

Start saving time and money by creating your project as a whole instead of building it in parts hiring different agencies or designers that eventually resuslts diluting your brand.


  • Corporate Logos, Service & product Logos, Slogans
  • Brand & Identity Guidelines,
  • UI and UX
  • Websites
  • Management Systems
  • Direct Stationery and Apparel Supplier

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Targeted Audiences

Marketing campaigns specifically designed with your business goals and purposes in mind, execute marketing strategies in targeted marketplaces, together we can create or find your products and services demands in specific marketplaces. Focus in what you do best, we can monitor and adjust your campaign performance accoprding to marketplaces behavior.

  • Market Research
  • Marketplace Evaluation
  • Defined Targeted
  • Designed Marketing Strategies
  • Brand Awareness
  • Campaign Monitoring


Communication Style

The forms of stylized communication about your company. Create Advertising Campaigns that perfectly synchronize with Marketing Strategies, communicate effectible, and give a clear message crafted to nurse business relationships with your audiences.

Rank to the top in social media platforms and start creating leads, we can help you monitoring any ad or online campaign and adjust the performance to bring you ultimate results.

  • Strategies Definition
  • Campaign Design
  • Ads
  • Online Strategies
  • SEO
  • Web Video & Animations
  • Informational Content
  • Monitoring

What is included?1

A one-stop-shop, many products.2

THe Aviator 4 Program is customized to our clients specific business modes, the type of products provided will always variate depending on the specific marketing and advertising campaigns established in the program. Here is a list of some of the products used to get you started.

  • Corporate Logos & Icons
  • Brand Definition
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Service Brand
  • Product Brand
  • Collateral Design
  • Ads, Forms, Posters
  • Management Systems
  • Data Bases
  • Packaging Design
  • Product Development
  • Service Delopment
  • Business Cards
  • Post Cards, Menus, Flyers
  • Presentation Folders
  • Letterhead
  • NCR Forms
  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Magnets
  • Decals
  • Sell Sheets
  • Catalogs
  • Custom Forms
  • Packaging Assets
  • Vinyl Signage
  • Rugged Signage
  • Large Format Printing
  • Apparel Bundles
  • Custom Printing
  • Banner Displays
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Exhibit Displays
  • Environmental Design
  • Promotional Products
  • Custom Signage
  • Stock Photography
  • Photography Sessions
  • Illustration
  • Product Design
  • Websites
  • Video & Motion Graphics
  • Social Network
  • UI and UX
  • SEO
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Advertising Online

Small Business Growth Phase

Flexible monthly payments.4

The Aviator 4 Branding Launch Program is specifically designed for Small Business owners, the payment structure flexibility allows businesses to periodically grow at their own phase, no matter how small their business is, our goal its to provide our clients a beautiful Branding System that makes them proud and that communicate the very essence and passion of their companies. We want to grow with you, and be part of your business venture so make an appointment in person or online for a free consultation.

The Aviator 4 Benefits

Move from an idea to a business takes customers.

Some Benefits

  1. Establish a Strong Brand Presence
  2. Have a professional good looking Identity
  3. Get special pricing in all our Services and Products
  4. Put your business on the map
  5. Pay at your own phase
  6. Grow on your own phase
  7. Grow an average of 10% in the first 12 months

Growth Phase2

Differs according to budgets and goals.

Grow 10% on business assets in the first 12 months.
Increase 15%+ in exposure in the first 12 months.
Get 10% local exposure in the first 12 months.


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1. What’s included?: Some companies require more identity assets than others, they assets need it is determined by the Marketing and Advertising campaigns established within the Aviator 4 Program.
2. A one-stop-shop: All Intellectual Property created by Avozar is done inhouse, Avozar has locations where it produces some of the physical identity assets, Avozar uses and manages contractors or vendors used to create your products or events. 
3. Growth Phase: Businesses grow in different ways in different phases, the growth depends on clients team performance to provide to us what we need to create and perform, the growth phase also depends on the budget amount.
4. Flexible monthly payments: Monthly payments restructured based on the budget if any, or based on current business profits. Payments variety from $300.00 as a minimum to large amounts per month. Monthly payments are used to cover either Intellectual Property Bundles or Marketing and Advertising campaigns.