The Essence of a Concept, Person, Company, Products and Services.

The Brand

A Brand it’s an in-depth Artistic extense development of a meaninful Concept composed by creative Ideas that interact with rythim. This Concept emerges from Organizations, Services, Products, Cities, Artists and almost everything that it can be manifested in the world in an Idenity. A Band it’s not an Image, a sound, a smell, a feeling, or a taste, but the very essence of all of them together defining an especific subject.


The Brand as a Promise

Think of a Brand as a promise, a promise your organization can keep, a promise you make to your clients, prospects, vendors and even your employees. This promise is promoted internally and externally, you keep it in any business relationships activity, every corporate decision, every action and interaction with customers, prospects, employees and vendors. The promise builds encourage, pride, efforts, it drives budgets, stops arguments, vanish confusion, it guides and drives business activities in any corporate system to achieve any goals.
If everyone in the organization internally and externally knows what the promise is, politics and personal business issues start to disappear. One thing that is very important about that promise, be sure youcan back it up with facts. You cannot build your brand out of wishes and unsupported thinking. Don’t pretend something you wish to be that you are not, even if you are about to achieve that goal, things happen. This doesn’t mean you have to limit your dreams, it only keeps your goals realistic. You cannot use quality, integrity or price when trying to Position your Brand in a Market Place, those are abious expectations.


The Relationship

A Brand can tell a story without words while creating a Relationship with the end user, the consumer, that relationship it’s intentional and it is defined by the Identity, the better definition the better its impression. This Relationship can be established in different ways with different attitudes, the Brand can define its intentions and purposes. This relationship can be used to create Customer Loyalties in targeted audiences.

Brand Types

The Character Parts

Building strong and lasting relationships with Audiences.

1. Corporate Brand

This branding is where the Corporate Name is the actual Brand. Corporate branding gives each products, services, or anything, the strength of the corporate brand values, characteristics and positioning, a well positioned brand will do well when positioning its products saving on advertising and marketing campaigns. The better the branding the less effort for Advertising and Marketing to be effective.


2. Product brand

This is where each individual product has its own Brand and character. With this strategy the Corporate Name is either totally or virtually absent due to the unique values, personality, identity and positioning of the Product Brand. This Brand type implies that every new product the company brings on to the Marketplace it becomes a “New Brand” and it can be positioning precisely in the Marketplace. Product Branding makes it easier for the Corporate Brand performance when positioning new products, however, if a product is not successful or is involved in a marketing disaster, the bad consequences will not affect to the company name. Product Branding is costly, Advertising will take most of the budget when positioning, competitive advantage and strong positioning in the Marketplace are very necessary for a product to succeed.

3. House Brand

This branding type uses both ideas, the Corporate Name and the Product Brand Name are placed side by side. This allows the Product Brand to have its own Identity and Positioning by drawing strength from the values and some if not all characteristics of the Corporate Brand, this tends to give assurance related to quality of the Corporate Brand. One thing to consider is where the product fails in the marketplace may cause damages to the Corporate Brand.


4. Employer Brand

This brands is focus on the employees to understand the visions, mission, goals, plans and services of the company. It educate employees for them to up-hold the Corporate Brand to their customers. The mission of this brand is to create a Corporate Brand Image and Internal Identity that penetrates through national boundaries and resonates with local cultures on the missions or the promises of the Corporate Brand.


5. Cause Brand

This Brand it’s specifically designed to attract customers when associating the company with a Cause or Purpose with people, prospectors or customers will find it beneficial. Most of the times this might be a percentage contribution of company sales to charitable or other type of organizations such as: Cities, Councils, Wildlife Preservation, Student Financial Aid and other.


4. Co-Brand

This is very familiar to the customer all the time due to frequent and related necessities. Mini-marts attached to Gas Stations, Hardware Stores with Fastfood Restaurants, Car Wash with Magazine Shops, this Branding uses Product Position Strategioes in Multiple Marketplaces and includes a variaety of Product Industires to achieve interaction with potential customers in the “one-stop shopping” category.


5. Spirit Brand

Focusing in the selling of soft drinks with Slogans as “feel like new” from using the product approach. The world is a better place and everything will go fine when you start your day with our product.


6. Community Brand

Showing the good of a company by doing things for the community in which it and its employees participate in outreach programs to help the needy, support the elderly, contributions to public education etc. It’s a promise to the people in the community that this company will be beneficial for them and their families as a partner.


7. Culture Brand

This makes the promise to to employees concerning their working environment and relationship to their leaders. In this case “promises” are different from guarantees and opportunities in that they are offered free of encumbrances.

Brand Stimulation

The Impressions

Expressed Brands by the Identity.

This brand can be expressed in many different ways by the identity. The 5 elements of branding stimulating human senses.

Brand Identity

The Expression

The development of your corporate identity, the fulfillment of your professional look, the style and personality of your organization.