Brands defining Relationships with Audiences in any Marketplace.

Create a Brand with a leadership attitude, excellent services & product values, a brand that can create relationships able to engage and inspire all audiences.


Visual Identity that truly Speaks to your customers.

A first impression is difficult to outpace – make sure your corporate image inspires confidence. We design custom solutions for your business interface, using wow-factor applications such as: dye cut, foils, plastic, embossed finishes and more. 

Graphic Design

Engage Users and Become a Visual Influencer.

Custom Graphic Design for almost any product or concept, we treat your project as if they were our own, providing you with custom photography, vector and raster graphics for micro and large format needs. Let us know about your projects, we will strive to be the best.

Product Design

We design so you can Invent.

Take your project from a simple idea to market with our suite of product design services. From conceptualization, industrial design, precise engineering, prototyping, design verification and validation, we can help make your project tangible. 

Packaging Design

Add value to the content by adding value to the Cover.

Custom packaging design solutions available for new lines or redesigning an existing one. We art direct, design, supervise, sample print, and will work with your press man to make sure your project reach top quality standards.


Hand Drawn and Digital Expressions.

Through illustration we may use a large range of mediums to create your images, such as the basic pencil and paint to advanced computer generated. Here at Avozar, we can create art for any printed materials such as books, magazines, greeting cards, calendars, or for images in animated productions, television commercials, movies, or computer games.


Capture Art, Fashion and Products.

Capture the essence of your company , products or fashion line needs, no need to pay extra for full rights of your material, we release all raw content when it comes to commercial photography, we can assist you with models, catering, make up artist, direction and studio for all your needs. On location services available.

Web Design

Your Online Presence

Start your online presence with a fully customized website, we can provide you with layout design, graphic design, copy, photography, web applications and much more, we get you ready to start strong. Hosting available.



Brand, Products and Services in Movement.

Add life to your video content, product presentation, technical information, description and instruction with Custom Motion Graphics, 2D and 3D animation.


Tell your Story.

Professional video is the perfect addition to your digital marketing strategy. Video is the ideal medium for telling your company story in a way that is modern and engaging. Now you can tap into the power of video to expand your digital footprint.


Corporate, Fashion, Schools, Uniforms, Promotional.

We can provide with a large line of apparel brands imprinted with your logo for any industry such as restaurants, schools, construction, office, fashion, sports and more.


Conceptual Style Design, Project Supervision, Photography, Line Sheets.

Fashion lines development, we over look your projects from starting point to the finishing of your garments.


Interior, Exterior, Landscaping Design and Renderings.

Process of addressing surrounding environmental parameters when devising plans, programs, policies, buildings, or products.


Offset, Vinyl, Sublimation, Embroidery, Screen Printing.

Step into Avozar and take advantage of our print department. Weather you need your images to be sublimated, silkscreened, embroidered, pad printed or simply on any stationery format, we have you covered.


A physical Expression.

In-house large format printing and multiple applications, indoor and out door graphic prints, from inkjet water base to vinyl dye cut graphics, thermal printing, film positive.


Exhibitor Kits, Displays.

Having a Trade Show or an Event coming up? We can provide with ready to go solutions or custom made as well. Have no graphics, no branding, no identity? not a problem, give us a call and let us know about your project.

Promotional Swag

Quality Products Packages ready to represent your brand.

Our Swag Packages include only the best Brands around, and no less, specially configured to amplify your message in your Event.


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